Guitar scales, modes, improvisation training method. Learn to play scales and modes in any key, on any chords, all over the fretboard, effortlessly and without hesitation with the GSM software course.
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The Guitar Scales Method software runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT4/SP6.

If you face any difficulty or have any question about download, installation, or on the use of the software write to

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Brief History of the Guitar Scales Method

July 4, 2000
The first serendipitous idea about a software tool to super-learn scales and modes on guitar with a fragment-based strategy arises during a long wait at Kansai airport.

August 2000
Develop the idea of a play-along trainer that plays chords while showing scales on the fretboard for improvisation.

October 2000
The first quick-and-dirty prototype of the play-along tool is made and tested. It's immediately evident that it has a tremendous potential to help guitarists learn scales and improvisation.

January 2001
New version of the play-along trainer with bass and drums. It's the coolest thing.

February 2001
The ability to play on specific tunes or chord sequences is added to the play-along trainer.

July 2001
The play-along trainer evolves gradually. For a few months I spend several hours a week playing with it, testing ideas and improving the code. Features developed in this period include the auto-scrolling chart, the visual metronome, the random chords composer, the style interface (where you choose how chords, bass and drums are played),

November 2001
The play-along trainer is now lean and mean, I'm totally hooked. On some days I turn it on to test a new feature and end up playing nonstop for one hour...

Jan 2002
I develop the Pattern Trainer to give guitarists one more tool to develop finger ability and scale fluency.

Feb 2002
I write the first draft of the Guitar Scales Secrets ebook, highlighting the step-by-step strategy to master scales and improvisation on guitar.

August 2002
After a long period of development the project enters the final phase, where I work to make it user-friendly.

September 2002
Redesign and polish the Tune Editor, to enable easy creation of chord sequences. Now it's very easy to enter the chords of a song and jam along with it.

October 2002
Rewriting and improving the Guitar Scales Secrets ebook.

November, December 2002
Major testing and fine-tuning of the progress map's exercises.

January 2003
I review and rewrite the Guitar Scales Secrets ebook once more. I'm trying hard to make it short, clear, memorable, complete and, above all, practical.

February 2003
Beta-testing starts. The first sentence from the first beta-tester reads "Your program is fantastic!" however I still have some work to do...

March 2003
Fixing bugs reported by beta-testers, improving user interface, improving behind-the-scenes performance.

May 2003
Version 1.0 is published on


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