Guitar scales, modes, improvisation training method. Learn to play scales and modes in any key, on any chords, all over the fretboard, effortlessly and without hesitation with the GSM software course.
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Advanced Learning

    "The Exhilarating Experience Of Becoming A Guitar Master With State-Of-The-Art Advanced Learning Techniques

If you saw the first "Matrix" movie, you probably remember the scene where Neo learns Kung Fu from a computer program and then tries it out... well, that's not very far from how GSM works with you!

In fact the Guitar Scales Method works extremely well because I have been able to do these three things:

First, I studied and isolated the essential building blocks, the "genetic code" of scales and modes on guitar. (You will learn all about this from the "Guitar Scales Secrets" ebook included in the course.)

Second, I designed a smooth progression of accelerated learning exercises that will "imprint" this knowledge in your mind with the least expense of time and effort. (This is the "Progress Map" of the course.)

Third, I created a multimedia simulation of a realistic, multi-instrument play-along environment in which you can apply and refine your growing skills. (This is the "Play-Along Trainer" which gives you real-life training on random chords and specific tunes.)

As a result, you can now enjoy an incredibly effective AND enjoyable method for developing awesome guitar skills.

These are some of the most important advanced learning principles applied in GSM:

  • Training In The "Zone"
    Being in "the zone" means being in a state of mind which is relaxed but alert, during which you can learn, apply, and remember things effortlessly. All GSM drills are subtly designed to help you get (and stay) in the zone, and achieve maximum results in a very pleasant way.
  • Hard-concrete learning principle
    This principle (explained in detail in the course) explains why most people have a hard time learning new skills, and how you can instead achieve permanent results with the minimum effort.
  • Exercises: Short and Intense
    All ready-made exercises are remarkably short (2-4 minutes) but they are designed to impress the skill deep into your brain and nervous system.
  • 5% Theory, 95% Playing.
    During the vast majority of the exercises you will be actually playing your guitar. Reading books, watching videos, etc. is no doubt good and useful, but remember, you only really learn when you do the things you want to learn, and GSM is the best tool for this.

If you forgive me using "The Matrix" movie analogy again...

"Nobody can tell you what real scale mastery is... you have to experience it yourself."

Now get this: while countless guitarists struggle for years making painful little progress, you will need only a few hours of practice with GSM before you start to experience scale mastery yourself.

You will gradually learn to "see" on the fretboard scales, modes, degrees, chords, chromatic notes, patterns. Then with practice you will learn how to use all this information and produce powerful music.

So if you really want to bring your guitar playing to new heights, I invite you to download the software and enjoy the experience of scales mastery.

I promise you, six months from now you will think of today with pleasure as the day it all started, the day your scales and improvisation skills took off and changed forever.

You can order now GSM, download it and start learning immediately. (You know, the one "complaint" I receive from people is, "Why didn't you give me GSM five years ago?!?")

You can also download the free trial version first, experience how it works, and then order GSM when you are ready to start.

Take action now and enjoy a lifetime of endless musical bliss!