Guitar scales, modes, improvisation training method. Learn to play scales and modes in any key, on any chords, all over the fretboard, effortlessly and without hesitation with the GSM software course.
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    "How To Master Guitar Scales, Modes And Improvisation With A Few Weeks Of Training, Enjoying Every Minute Of It

The Guitar Scales Method is an interactive software course that will make you a master of guitar scales, modes, and improvisation in record time:

In the first one hour of using GSM you will learn all the "secrets" for mastering scales and modes completely and effortlessly.

In the first week of using GSM you will develop better scales skills than the majority of guitarists do in their whole life. You will learn to see the fretboard with new eyes -- the eyes of a guitar scales master.

In the first month with GSM you will develop the master mindset that will change your playing forever: You will become able to play all scales and modes, in all keys, all over the fretboard, without thinking and without hesitation.

In the following months you will take your guitar skills to the level you desire -- tonal improvisation, modal improvisation, mastery of scale degrees, chord arpeggios, vertical improvisation, mastery of tonal centers and key changes, modulation strategies, scale patterns -- in short, total scales mastery over the whole fretboard.

How does it all work? Here are some details of what's in GSM and how it works for you:

The Play-Along Trainer
The best learning is LEARNING BY DOING

The Play-along Trainer is pure training power. With this tool you become a master of improvisation 5 to 50 times faster than with any other method.

You can play on random chords, blues loops, or practice on any specific tune. The trainer will play a realistic, rich texture of chords, bass, and drums and show you notes, scales, modes, chords and degrees on the fretboard in real-time.

Really, I'm totally enthusiastic about the PAT and I could go on with pages and pages, but I'll stop here and only add this: you really have to try it yourself to understand the power and the fun!

The "Guitar Scales Secrets" e-book
It's the KNOW-HOW that makes the difference

All the information you need to become a master of scales and improvisation is contained in this precious e-book titled "Guitar Scales Secrets".

The first important thing to learn is the secret to organize the knowledge of all scales, in all keys, all over the fretboard -- in a simple and elegant way you cannot forget.

The next fundamental "secret" to learn is how to put your hand anywhere on the fretboard and instantly know how to play in any key. You see, one thing is to look in a book and figure out how to play in some key in some position, and quite another thing is to be able to know it instantly and effortlessly, and this is exactly what you learn here.

In real-life playing you will often need to play and improvise on a wild variety of chords. In order to be totally free and creative you must have effortless knowledge of what scale to use on any chord. The e-book explains and demonstrate with multimedia examples how to analyze a chord sequence, identify its tonal centers, select parent scales, and use the different modes just like a painter uses different colors to produce different effects.

Of course real-life solos and improvisations are much more than playing scales up and down... you need to develop your own vocabulary of musical phrasing. The e-book will explain how to achieve this important objective by mastering scale patterns and chord awareness, as well as developing a refined musical ear that allows you to "import" ideas from the great musicians who inspire you the most.

I almost forgot... of course the ebook also contains all the basic music theory you need to know, explained clearly and with lots of charts, diagrams, and examples. Topics include sound, pitch, frequency, notes, accidentals, octaves, intervals, chords, diatonic scales, modes, keys, tonal centers, scale degrees, and chromatic scales. (Overall you will find the ebook is about 10% theory and 90% practice.)

As you see there is quite a bit of imformation you need to understand and absorb from the "Guitar Scales Secrets" e-book. Because of that you cannot become a master overnight -- but you don't need to spend years either! What you do need is some smart, effective, enjoyable multimedia training tools capable of using the full power of your human brain and achieve massive progress in the shortest possible time. And here are just the tools you need:

The Pattern Trainer
Developing POWER CHOPS the fun and easy way

Scales patterns are musical phrases played on all degrees of a scale.

Learning and practicing a wide variety of scale patterns has several benefits:

  • You improve your picking technique.
  • You improve speed.
  • You improve precision.
  • You learn a rich vocabulary of musical phrases that you can use during improvisation.
  • You improve your musical ear.
  • You improve effortless knowledge of scales and modes.

GSM includes a tool that makes all of this easy and fun: The Pattern Trainer.

The Pattern Trainer allows you to choose scale, key, fretboard position, metronome speed, and of course a pattern, and then plays it out, while showing you all the positions on the fretboard in real time. Your task of course is to play along with the trainer.

You will start with simple patterns and slow speed, gradually move to faster tempos and complex patterns, and day by day improve your speed, technique, musical ear, and all other qualities listed above.

The Progress Map
Massive progress by doing the RIGHT EXERCISE at the RIGHT TIME

To achieve maximum results (total mastery of scales, modes and improvisation) with the minimum effort (half an hour a day, a few weeks to a few months) you need to follow an intelligent training schedule that guides you to always do the right exercise at the right time.

And this is exactly the purpose of the Progress Map included in the Guitar Scales Method.

It works like this. There are a total of 159 exercises. Each exercise is quite easy and can be completed in a few minutes and they are arranged in a gradual sequence.

All you need to do is to follow the progress map, do a few exercises every day, and just enjoy yourself.

Scales, modes, patterns, intervals, keys, tonal centers, scale degrees, chords arpeggios -- all the pieces of the puzzle will gradually fall into place and one fine morning in the next month or two you will wake up and realize that you can play in any key, on any chord, all over the fretboard, effortlessly!

That's the power of doing the right exercise at the right time, and that's what you'll achieve by using GSM's progress map!

Getting Started!

It's never been so easy and enjoyable to master scales and modes! My only regret is that nothing like GSM was available when I started playing guitar many years ago, and I had to do everything the hard way...

But today, if you're serious about scales and improvisation, you only have to click your mouse a few times and make progress at unprecedented speed.

So get started today and enjoy yourself all the way to guitar mastery!