Guitar scales, modes, improvisation training method. Learn to play scales and modes in any key, on any chords, all over the fretboard, effortlessly and without hesitation with the GSM software course.
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    "Learn-by-doing is the best strategy to develop your skills. GSM's play-along trainer is the tool that makes it easy and fun.

First, a clear goal

Let's start by restating exactly what we want to achieve here:

The goal is to have total mastery of scales and modes, and the ability to use them effortlessly to improvise on any chord sequence.

How to achieve it in practice? What you need is ...

Second, a learning strategy

OK, what could be the best way to develop scales and improvisation skills? Reading books? Studying scale charts? Watching videos? Copying solos?

To make it short, in my experience the best way of learning is to actually do the activity with the help of a teacher or trainer -- skills are best developed through direct practice under expert guidance.

It is only by playing real scales and modes that you will master them. It is only by improvising on all possible chords that you will master the skill.

So what you need to do this in practice is ...

Third, a smart trainer

A good trainer is a person or a tool that helps you practice and achieve maximum results from your efforts.

For example, a flight simulator is a computerized tool that can teach you how to fly a real plane in a short time. The simulator is extremely effective because you are immersed in realistic flying conditions, and you are actively involved, with very little difference from the real thing. This is a typical example of "learning-by-doing".

Now, just like a flight simulator can teach you practical flying better than any human teacher can ever do, GSM offers you a training tool that will achieve the same powerful effect for your guitar playing....

The Play-Along Trainer: mastering scales and improvisation in practice

The Play-Along Trainer is an easy-to-use tool that creates and plays a realistic musical texture -- bass, drums and various instruments -- and shows you in real-time on the fretboard what is going on: time, chords, scales, modes, tonal centers and scale degrees.

This makes it incredibly easy and enjoyable to practice improvisation in different ways, on random chords, on your favorite tunes, on blues sequences, and so on.

In the beginning you will use all the visual help -- you will see on the fretboard the scale, the chord notes, the modal degrees, etc. -- all synchronized in real time.

Then, with practice, the scales knowledge that you see displayed on the screen will gradually sink in your mind... you will gradually need less and less help... until you will be able to improvise effortlessly on any chord, in any key, all over the fretboard!

Remember, you develop your skill with practice, not theory, and that's why the Play-Along Trainer tool is so powerful and enjoyable!

Start the action...

I could go on and on... but if you are serious about guitar scales and improvisation I simply suggest that you download GSM TRIAL and get your first experience of how it works in practice.

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